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As as added benefit, MWL will bottle an 'own label' Sauvignon Blanc for each investor, should they so desire, at cost.

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Loddon Lane

Invest in one of Marlborough’s world famous Sauvignon Blanc vineyards in the Upper Wairau, 20km west of Renwick.

This freehold vineyard is situated on the banks of the Wairau River with 17ha planted in a fully productive 100% Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. Marlborough land is in high demand for new grape plantings and there is a scarcity of supply. Prices have been steadily increasing over the last year. Any increase in the value of the vineyard will result in a tax free capital gain to the shareholders.

The vineyard has entered into a five-year rolling grape supply contract with Marlborough Wine Limited.

Contact Kevin Joyce, [email protected] for price and land size queries.

Become an investor in an iconic Marlborough vineyard. This is the Bordeaux of the South Pacific!